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The summer vacation is coming. What are you going to do this vacation?I’m going to Beijing this summer. I will visit some places of great interest. For example, I want to visit the Great Wall with my parents. Because I wan to be “a true man”. And I also want to visit the Tian’an men Square. I am looking forward to meeting the foreigeners. Because I want to practice speaking English with them. Then I want to take part in the children’s palace. I want to learn to play the guitar. I want to be good singer in the future. I think being a singer is very cool. My favorite singer is like Micheal Jackson. I hope I can have a happy vacation. What about you? What are you going to do this summer?



Just days before the arrival of winter vacation, I'm still thinking what to do to make my life more meaningful winter vacation. I suddenly thought of mother daily toil in recent years, always wash his clothes, and cook for us every day, mop the floor... Such as housework. Change is my words might complain about, but mother doesn't even have a complain about words, mom is really great!! So I decided to a large mobilization "family", want to let mom have a good rest, to comfort her daily toil. Come before the Spring Festival, cleaning, make the home look brand-new, like a pipe dream of beautiful.

In addition, I want a winter vacation, go to the aunt home borrows a few good book. As a result, there are two benefits: first, can increase my knowledge. Two, would not have to think about the computer, the computer is like a naughty little monkey, will only tell me: "come and help me to boot, I'm waiting for you!" Carelessly will fall into the abyss — — — increase my myopic degree!!!!!

Look!! My winter holiday plan is very full!! I also feel this way in this summer holiday, I will very happy, very happy. May this winter holiday can bring more joy for me!

在寒假來臨之前,我 還在思考要做什么事才能讓我的寒假生活更有意義。突然我想到,這幾年媽媽平日的辛勞,每天總是為我們洗衣服、煮飯、拖地......等家事。換成是我的.話 可能會抱怨連連,可是媽媽連一句抱怨的話都沒有,媽媽真的是很偉大呀!! 于是我決定來個“全家大動員”,想讓媽媽好好休息,來慰勞她平日的辛勞。趁春節的時候,來個大掃除,讓家里煥然一新,有如鏡花水月般的美麗。


看!! 我的寒假計劃很充實吧!! 我也覺得這樣一來在這個暑假,我會過的很快樂、很開心的。愿這個寒假能帶來給我更多的快樂!


A semester has in the past, for a brief winter break. In this winter holiday, I also have a lot of new plans.

In the final exam, my score is not very ideal. When know result I wept bitterly, but cry also can't solve the problem, is to blame only themselves to blame at ordinary times some don't understand the question not timely consult parents or teachers. Mother knew this, said to me: "fine fine, bad have no way to test this time, you take a lot more in this winter vacation, and arrange their own study plan."

First of all, I want to finish my homework seriously, do meticulous, to the problem of difficult to fools, humbly ask parents, more to correct dragged on, do it faster and better.

Secondly, want to see more than half an hour every day of extra-curricular, and extract good word lovers. Every day recite an ancient, to write a piece of an hour.than play games... To arrange their own study plan.

Third, we should take an active part in physical exercise, make oneself become more strong and healthy body.

All in all, I want to be in the efforts to try again in a short winter break, put their homework, strive for the next semester to get good grades.

I can do, please believe me!


在這次期末考試中,我的成績不是很理想。當知道成績的時候我傷心地哭了,可是哭也不能解決問題呀,要怪只怪自己平時有些不懂的問題沒有及時請教父母或老師。媽媽知道這事后,對我說:“晴晴,這次考壞已經沒有辦法了, 在這個寒假里你好好補補,并安排好自已的學習計劃?!?/p>







Mom and dad said, to take me to the Grand Canyon in the eastern Chinese overseas Chinese city, the boring holiday at last have a trace of color, I am really happy. But my mother told me to make my own game plan, which could hurt my brain. I have never written this thing. What should I do?

Mother said, the schedule should have time, place, how to go, how to go back, how many buses to take, what items to play, what items to play, where to eat at noon, etc. So I went to the net to make my game plan, according to the_statement.

First I went to the official website of the eastern Chinese overseas Chinese city. Wow, it's really beautiful. It's just a picture. There's a mountain with water and a leisurely cloud. But I'm not moving for the picture, and clicking on a colorful playground sign. It was half past nine for him to open the door, so I wrote on the document: at half past eight, I went to the gate of the Grand Canyon. Then I saw that there were four theme parks in the Grand Canyon. I arranged what I did in the morning and what I did in the afternoon according to their switching time and activity level. For the afternoon the weather is hot, so I put the water park and forest fjord forest arranged in the afternoon, the ecological Canyon and the sea of clouds arranged in the morning and highland, can buy souvenirs and gather to eat at noon is the town of hayfield. But in order not to miss a fun thing, I also write down four items that can be played, and then I will not regret it.

I then Baidu map to search to the eastern overseas Chinese town to take several road car from my home, but this map is really don't give me a face, in the swing for a long time, is always wrong, I only have to search the Internet, also say, really found, so I don't understand I check the bus route on the Internet before can not find to take a few road cars to the things found on the map, since it seems to all the two methods to try out.

Though we haven't gone to the Grand Canyon of the eastern overseas Chinese town, I believe we will have fun for this schedule. As the saying goes, "opportunity is for those who are prepared."


How time flies, unconsciously the next winter vacation will soon come.In order to improve myself as well as enjoy a happy holiday, I made the winter vacation plan.

Firstly I want to continue with my study,I think study is a life process,so no matter what the situation I am in, I will look for chances to continue it. I have bought several new books, including those books on my major and some novels, I will try to finish reading them in the holiday and write notes.

Secondly,since it is the holiday ,I will share it with my family and friends. You know the spring festival will soon come, I believe I would chatting and play games with my friends and family .I think I will enjoy the vacation.












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