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20 years later, I was 30 years old, and keep a long black beautiful hair, watery eyes, with a rosy skin, slim figure. At this time I have been a well-known astronauts in the vast universe to explore the mysteries of the universe life, recently, I once again travel the universe, explore the mysteries of the universe.

February 17, 20x, I and my teammates sitting in the magic of the spacecraft in the roaming. After a lot of the planet, we are still safe and sound. Unknowingly we came to a huge black hole, inside the dark, as if to swallow everything like, scared me frightened. The hole has a strong magnetic force to attract our spacecraft, our spacecraft could not bear, was half of the body was destroyed, in this moment, our spacecraft was sucked into the dark "bottomless pit".

"Oh ... ..." how my head so painful, I seem to hear someone call me, very difficult to open his eyes, I looked around to see, this is a terrible black hole? Here is simply Yinggeyan dance, Yao Huang Wei purple, flowers ... ... villagers enthusiasm, this black hole technology can be more developed than our earth, the sky flying many advanced wheelless ride, a time tunnel, listen to the villagers said that these Time tunnel can reach the Jurassic era and so on. I took the password, open the black hole of the spacecraft, can not wait to tell my earth compatriots this secret.

20 years later, I created a brilliant page.


My home town is a beautiful place. It stands beside a wide river and is rich in fish and rice.

But in the old days it was a poor and backward little town. Many people had no work. They lived a hard life.

In 1949 my hometown was liberated. Since then great changes have taken place there. The streets have been widened.

Factories, schools, hospitals, cinemas and theatres have sprung up one after another. The life of the people is greatly improved.

I love my hometown. All the more I love its people. They are working hard so as to make it still richer and more beautiful.


In recent years, I find it easier to our resources dried up. All of these, because we have recently a lot of collection resources, leading to our mothers are dwindling.

What is the mother of all resources less and less? Is, of course, we humans excessive spoiling don't cherish, would cause such a serious result. Our earth forest area has reached 600 million hectares, the figure is due to our human previously has important sense to protect the environment, know that if you don't have a good environment, we won't be able to breathe to the light wind gently brushed the grass surface sweet taste. And now? Us that the earth's forest area is still not arrived 6 hectares, this kind of situation, it is because we humans cut down trees and destroying forest without restraint, make almost fell by 1% in each of the forest area in the world, now our protection in the nature of the important consciousness is more and more shallow, don't take care of the objects around, as the forest is less, the first bite of the air we breathe is less and less fresh...

Is not destruction of forest resources, and our mineral resources. It is limited, now our production technology constantly improve, the accelerating speed and shortage of some minerals occurred, even dried up. Until then, we will always stay in the desolate landscape.

In the face of these, can see there are so many resources in we lost too much! We rely on resources too much! All around us, little drops of the resources are in decline, if lost it all, we will how to live! So, let us sincerely treat our mother earth, try to cherish, to cherish. If only use a small plastic bag, it should not be too!

Let us act, to defend the earth!







My family has five members: father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, of course, I. Everyone have their own characteristics, form a happy family.

Mother attaches great importance to the growth of I, every morning to go to work, come back at night, already very tired, but also trained my ability of learning. She gave up her job, for me to make a home every night to supervise my study. To work closer to home, my mother not afraid of hard work, run back and forth among the various sites. In addition to these, in order to save more money, she tired every day. She is a good mother, and a great mother.

In my impression, my father is particularly mild one, my mother is responsible for my study, my father is responsible for my extracurricular sports. In order to let me do more exercise in the holiday, he gave up several important meetings, took me to sport. He said: "during the holidays should not be lying down, sitting alone, want to go out more exercise. Exercise more to have a healthier body. For example the examination, you body is not healthy, it tests too." In addition to these, dad taught me a lot of extra-curricular knowledge, for me, he is like a "encyclopedia". Have all kinds of knowledge.

Grandpa, "head of interior" in my house. Up early do breakfast for us every day in the morning, do the housework. Noon also not idle, help grandma watering the flowers, mop the floor... In a word, grandpa in every day is very busy. Take care of my life every day, ten years like one day. I think my grandpa is very great.

Grandma is responsible for all kinds of household chores, sewing clothes, tidy up home... Is she in the busy every day, the room is in good order, clean and tidy. Grandma in addition to do household chores, also taught me a lot of life philosophy: perhaps not very deep, but in life, work well.

I love my family! At home with my family, my obsession. Is one of my most important wealth!








Time flies, the dream is generally twenty years passed. In 20x, I attended the college entrance examination, admitted to the highest institution in China Peking University. I spent four years studying here, with six years to complete the doctoral student's studies. 28 years old I became a world-class scientist.

I get up every morning, first with a universal key to open the super cabinet. This is my great invention! This key is made of high-tech nano-made, what you want to get what! Open the super cabinet to wear universal clothing, this kind of clothes can adjust the temperature according to weather changes, in the hot summer so that you feel cool, in the cold winter can feel warm as spring. Eat a pill, it is a high nutritional food, to ensure that the body in the day between the whole nutrition. And then drive on the "Shenzhou N" spacecraft to the Chinese Academy of Sciences to work.

On the road, the spacecraft traveling in the wide road over the road on both sides of a novel and unique style of the garden and a green leaves into a tree. Exudes an intoxicating aroma.

"What are you doing? Meal." Mom called me, I was back to God, thinking of the future of me. We must dare to dream, dare to pursue, but also down to earth, lay the foundation, step by step on the peak of knowledge, and then toward this goal tireless struggle!












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