Sharing from a Facebook account??

Are you sharing your project from your personal Facebook account instead of a blog?

There IS a way to post a photo on your personal account AND allow us to see it and leave comments.

Here's how:

When you choose to upload a photo from your personal Facebook page....
  • Choose the photo you would like to upload
  • Select to view the Full Size of that image
  • Copy the URL from the top of the browser
  • Paste it on the Link tab on the challenge blog
  • Then BEFORE YOU POST IT, make sure your photo is Publicly Viewable. On the right side is a "picture" of a person with the words "specific friends". Click on the pull down arrow.  
  • Choose the first option - PUBLIC.
  • Then POST (publish) your entry.

Now, anyone who clicks on the link you provide will be able to see what you are sharing without needing to be in your "Friends" list. I hope this helps!

Questions?? Please don't hesitate to ask!!

updated 11/30/19

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