Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Guest Designer Announcement July - September

All the applicants' projects were fantastic!  Each time we have a guest designer call, it gets harder and harder to choose!  This is a 3 month term and will begin with the July 6, 2016 Challenge #45.

We will continue to have Guest Designer Calls periodically.
  The procedure to apply will be the same each time: You will need to participate in both challenges during the call in order to be eligible and add GDT after your name.

So if you didn't make it this time, please try again next time!

Welcome to the Guest Designers for the 
July - September 2016 term:

NanaConnie: Grammy's Attic

Martha Lucia Gomez: Stamp Art Papel

Olenkaja: Knitting Land Oli

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James Gallol said...

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