Saturday, July 19, 2014

Challenge 25 - Gift - Easter Basket Project

Sabina, our Scrapy Land DTM, show us how to create a lovely Easter basket to fill with chocolate eggs.

From a sheet of double sided patterned first of all we have to score a grid like this and fold along each line 
Then cut the vertical lines as below image:

 Now we have to life the outer flaps and glue both sides.

 Now life the front and back flaps and glue them like below:
 Cut both sides so no excess paper on the sides, cut out 2 circles and glue them on the sides where the handles will be attached.
 Apply the handle attaching it with two brads.
 Now decorate the front of the basket any way you would like to. Sabina added leaves and flowers to match the patterned paper.  Then fill with candy, small gifts or whatever you would like.

Upload your basket images to our SL gallery:
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