Saturday, July 19, 2014

Challenge 17 - Technique - Dies with Stamps

How to use your stamp/die combo - Leslie, Scrapy Land DTM
If you are like me you are smitten with these stamps and die combos but may be frustrated on getting the stamp to align nicely or easily with the die so I am here to show you a quick and easy way to do just that.
I am using a two part stamp but I think you will get the idea. First I will stamp my two candles (this is one die I have not broken apart because I like the width of the two dies)

Once I have the stamps I take my die and proceed to cut out the two candles on a separate piece of cardstock

As you see here are the stamped images and the die cut template or the negative from the die. 
and all you need to do is take the die template and align it over your stamped image 
and then fit your die over the template. If you need to you can tape down you template over your stamped image to keep it from moving. You can feel the die fitting into that template  
then all you have to do is die cut the whole thing. Here are the two candles, nicely aligned with the stamped images.

Be sure to save your template along with your stamp/dies so you can use it over and over.
Here is my finished card

Share your dies with stamps technique with us at SL Gallery:
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I hope you enjoyed this tip!

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