Friday, June 6, 2014

Organizational Tip - chipboard

Here at Scrapyland Blog we are going to start posting some organizational tips for scrapbookers/crafters.  We hope you will follow up and gather some great ways to organize your crafting space. 

The first tip is about Chipboard.  
Chipboard comes in many shapes and sizes.  Some might be fonts, some are shapes, some are tiny arrows, and some might be 10x10 star.  Here are some ideas found online to assist with organizing all types of chipboard.  Hope these will help you in tackling this area of your craft room.

Smaller chipboard storage: 
1.   A plastic container with dividers:

2.  Small alphabet storage in a drawer.  Little dividers or individual drawers inside the big drawer help keep the alphabets separated by color or letter. 

3.  Project Life containers
What to do with all those PL containers?  You can remove all the cards and use it for chipboard.  I actually put my cards into $3 ikea plastic containers that are perfect sizes for project life and organized them according to sets.  Now I have tons of the PL boxes/plastic inserts left.  The larger 4x6 would be able to hold larger size chipboard while the smaller 3x5 sections could hold smaller alphabet style chipboard or smaller embellishments.

4. storage containers (like the ones I am using from ikea)
Below is my cube unit are drawer units from ikea.  I painted them black/apply green.  I put all my chipboard and embellishments in there. 

I used the far right one but any of these would work.

Large chipboard ideas: 

We hope you enjoyed this organizational tip and we look forward to bringing you more ways to stay organized while being creative! 

My Rules for Organization:
1.   Organizing takes time.  Do not try to rush through this part of the project. Planning takes time.
2.   You must determine your containers/organizational style that works best for you. Be willing to purchase a system that will work for you.  Do not worry about what works for others other than to gain ideas. 
3.   Create a list of necessary containers/organizational items to purchase.
4.   Label your storage containers to help find things faster.
5.   When you organize group things that go together (i.e. scraps in one area, chipboard all together in another) that way it should be easier to find supplies.
6.   Take on one organizational project at a time. Do not plan on organizing your entire room in one sitting.  Take the required time to do it right the first time.
7.   Supplies should be stored in a way that it is easy to pull them out, use them and put away.
8.    Remember: if it is something used daily or frequently, keep it within arm’s reach.  If  not used that often, it can be stored across a room.
9.    Purge on a consistent basis so the supplies are not overwhelming. 
10.  Maintaining the organized area also requires dedication.
11.  Organization doesn’t require a ton of money, use things you already have and repaint them or paper them.  Be creative!

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