Sunday, May 4, 2014

Fathers Day Brown Paper Bag album

This bag album is almost completed, still needs some more pictures and private journaling but wanted to show it to everyone for the NSD crop to give an idea for a fathers day gift. 

I took  5 brown paper bags (lunch bags) and turned them opposite of each other.

I cut paper and inked the edges of the paper. 
Not sure why the image is upside down?  LOL

I created a title page. This album is for my father of his grandkids whom he adores.

this picture was taken on a cruise prior to one more grandkid. 

This picture was my brothers, their wives and me with the first 2 grandbabies.

This picture is with my youngest son taken ages ago. 
My parents didn't miss a kids sports game, school programs, etc.  I wanted to capture an event he had attended of the many hundred.

This picture is my father and his great granddaughter.  

 I love this picture (above).  My father is a great influence over the men in our life.

This last page is awaiting pictures.  My dad took each kid deep sea fishing when they turned 10.  I am going to print every kid in a super small print to include on this page :)

You can open the bag up where there are openings and add tags with private sayings, quotes, things you want to write to them for only them to see.  :)
Or add more pictures on those.  add ribbon or tags to pull them from the inside.

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