Monday, March 17, 2014

Design Team Call

We are having a DT call over at Scrapyland for anyone interesting in applying.  The call begins Friday, March 14th and ends Saturday March 29th at midnight PST.  A decision will be posted on the message board on Sunday March 30th at the Online Crop between the hours of 2:30-6:30 pm PST.

What you need to submit via email:
1 layout, 1 card and 1 project.  Be creative is the only requirement.  J

Include the following:
·         Your name (include what your message board name is).
·         Nickname?
·         Cell phone # (add if you text too)
·         Email address
·         Mailing address
·         Family/Work status – any children, pets, married/single, work full time, homeschool, etc.  Anything you feel is pertinent that we should know about you.
·         Hobbies other than scrapbooking
·         Are you on any other Design Team or responsible for any other aspect of another online scrapbook store?
·         Work published (What/when)- feel free to include image of work in email
·         Best way to contact you.

Requirements of a Design Team Member:

·         Complete three assignments from the following (each month it will rotate to what you will be creating):
o   Layouts, cards, projects, home décor, etc.
*Note: these items will need images and descriptions submitted over the month timeframe, we spread items out to allow everyone time to complete the assignments, but you can feel free to submit at the beginning of the month. 
**Note:  One month might be 2 layouts and 1 card, next month might be a home décor, 1 cards and 1 layout, another month might be a project, card and 1 layouts.  Level of time needed is different per month for these assignments.
·         Participation in an online crop 3 times in the 6 month DT stint.  Participation includes posting 1-2 challenges, actively participating in the actual crop (can be online/offline though or assigned hourly slots)
·         Actively participate in the message board (create threads, respond to others, create an organizational tip once a month, create a challenge once a month, post topics to bring conversation, invite friends, etc) 
·         Post a link to SL website and state you are on the Design Team on other sites, FB, Blog, whatever you utilize that would help drive business to SL and traffic to the message board.
·         Be active on other social media sites discussing upcoming events about SL (sales, crops, challenges, etc)

Your compensation
·         You will receive $25 in product on a monthly basis.
·         You will receive 25% off MSRP products on the SL website.

Submit images and information to

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